Benefits of Tempoyak

Let’s we get are information of benefits of tempoyak. Tempoyak is a Southeast Asian dish that needs only two ingredients to make, and I’ll go ahead and clue you in right now durian is one of those two ingredients. It was a few years ago that the word ‘Tempoyak’ first came to our attention. Tempoyak is eaten only in a very short list of places though, and so we were simply left to count the days until this new flavor could be a reality!

Let’s shared about 5 benefits of ‘Tempoyak’.

1. Tempoyak is not only delicious but this tempoyak is full of good bacteria (probiotics) for the intestines of our children and family. Tempoyak can use to cook with delicious dish or eat like that. The most famous dish is “patin masak tempoyak”.

2. Benefits of Tempoyak is the result of the fermentation process between salt and durian. It is best to eat this tempoyak straight away without being heated or cooked to keep the good bacteria content in it.

3. According to the study in this tempoyak, there are 7 strains of Lactobacillus, namely L. plantarum, L. fermentum, L. crispatus, L. reuteri, and L. pentosus. All these species have high oxidant activity

4. Benefits of tempoyak, for high oxidant activity is associated with the ability to prevent cancer in fact. Probably also anti covid 19!

5. In our gut, there are good bacteria, there are bad bacteria. If the number of bad bacteria is more and unbalanced, that’s when dangerous diseases will start to attack us as a family.

benefit of tempoyak

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