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Kitchen Hacks Like A Pro!

Ever wonder how food bloggers or chefs manage to make their food looks so appetizing? Trust these professionals to have more than one trick up their sleeves. Not only that, they are also an expert when it comes to prepping or dealing with leftovers so wastage is minimal. We have 5 tips and tricks we […]

Meal Prep, Tips and Tricks!

The concept of meal prepping is to prepare meals ahead of schedule. It saves a lot of time and is popular amongst busy professionals as well as fitness freaks. It also helps to reduce the portion size in your meals, helping you reach your nutrition goals. With this, you’ll easily avoid unhealthy options like fast […]

How To Save Your Cooking From These Common Seasoning Mistakes

Have you ever tried to cook a recipe and it doesn’t end up tasting the way you thought it would? Not all recipes are tailored to your liking but fret not, food can be fixed even when the flavours seem off! Here are some secrets to how you can revive the flavours in your cooking. […]

The Best Asian Condiments… Pickled Chillies!

Pickled green chilli is a popular condiment for many Southeast Asian street food or noodle dishes such as Ipoh hor fun mee, Penang char kuey teow, chinese fried rice, wantan noodles or my favourite Hailam meehun (vermicelli. I’m a big fan of pickled chillies but unfortunately, not all places have pickled chillies as they prefer […]

Cool As A Cucumber…Raita!

Just the other day, I shared this easy peasy Cucumber Raita recipe on Gogopasar’s Instagram for Deepavali meal ideas and I have decided, this recipe deserves a post on it’s own. Cucumber raita is a staple in most Indian restaurants as an accompanying dish for variety of mains like briyani, or tandoori, or eaten with […]

Gulai Lemak Or Cake, SAJI’s Santan Is That Versatile!

We found this awesome Pandan Santan Moist Marble Cake recipe from Puan Suraya Sulatin on her blog recently and decided to share it with our readers (with her permission of course!). Puan Suraya uses coconut milk from SAJI because according to her SAJI’s coconut milk is not pungent, thus gives a better taste to the […]