5 Delicious Dessert Recipes to Try With Left-Over Durian

If you get a chance to get frozen durians on offer (like you do at Gogopasar) or if you have leftover durians and dont know what to do with them , try out these classic, easy and delicious durian desserts. I promise you won't regret it! 

1. Talam Durian  

This delightful traditional Malay dessert is also known as Seri Muka Durian. Usually, talam or seri muka is made with pandan leaves. However, replacing pandan with durian is an extraordinary way to enjoy the buttery rich, sweet and smooth texture of durians especially after they are out of season and you have frozen durians on hand or even if you have extra fresh durians and are looking for a way to be creative with them by transforming them into dessert. This easy recipe willl yield about 10-15 bite-sized cakes.


2.Durian Mochi 

With the ongoing durian season in Singapore and Malaysia, we're sure many of you are enjoying your creamy Musang King and yummy durian D24 at home. While you're at it, why not save a few extra pieces to make mouthwatering durian desserts starting with mochi! Quick, easy and super addictive, this sweet treat will definitely have you going for seconds and thirds. Try this  recipe which yields 30 mochis. 

3. Lempok Durian 

This is a traditional durian cake, or also known as Dodol Durian which  can be made from frozen or fresh durian flesh. This sweet delicacy is very popular within the Malay community in every state of Malaysia. Rich in carbohydrates and fibre, it is an energy-packed treat which is super addictive.  Usually sold as souvenirs under cottage industry efforts, this cake is popular in shops, but can be made at home just as easily. With just 3 ingredients , the steps are very easy to follow if you choose to make it  today, but bear in mind it takes a long time to cook over the stove!

 4. Serawa Durian 

This creamy and delectable durian stew is enjoyed with any type of starchy accompaniment such as glutinous rice or even steamed buns. It can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. This traditional Malay dessert is high in calories, but it is a treat that should not be missed if you have frozen or leftover durians around. Chechk out this simple and delicious  recipe here


5. Cekodok Durian / Durian Fritters 

These durian-flavoured fluffy balls of gold are soft and puffy on the inside, yet caramelized and crispy on the outside. Usually made with bananas, this durian version will be absolutely superb for durian lovers. A MUST-TRY and super easy treat for the entire family to enjoy. Take about 10 minutes to prepare and fry with this recipe.

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