5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gogopasar 

1. The only end-to-end halal online grocer 

As a subsidiary of FGV Integrated Farming Holdings, Gogopasar has been entrusted with carefully curated halal suppliers, farmers and livestock producers along the FGV and Felda supply chain, ensuring that at every level we maintain sertu-ensured processes. This means that products are prepared and cleaned within spaces which observe strict standards of hygiene following Islamic purification measures to ensure food safety and preservation. 

Also, because we want the best for our customers, we also take time and effort to choose our external suppliers carefully, ensuring they align with our values and sustainability principles. Only the best from the best for our customers. Take for example, our latest addition, our range of organic chicken by Delima in various packs and choice pieces, ready-cut for your convenience. 


2. Our promotions are epic 

Did you know that Gogopasar has 2 monthly promotions called Hari-Hari Jimat and Payday Sales every month without fail. So far, we’ve had various editions of these two promotions which our loyal shoppers look forward to at every beginning and end of the month. These seasonal promos are very exciting because they feature products below the usual market price and we always end up being sold-out, which helps us to consistently maintain our fresh inventory and quality offerings. 


3. Our company culture is awesome 

Working at Gogopasar feels like you’re working with family; an empathetic, understanding yet strict family.  While they take adhering to KPIs very seriously, the management gives you enough support and space to grow into your role, especially if you are a fresh graduate with little work experience. In fact, everyone here readily steps up assist and support each other. It is this united team-focused culture that allows us to get the impossible done. To see us in action, check out our TikTok here.

Yet, while we work hard to get our respective jobs done, we also know how to party hard and have a great time. That usually means the company does not spare any expense in training staff to upskill and most importantly, enjoy the fruits of our labour collectively by having great feasts together at every opportunity we can get.  Top management encourages us to take ownership of our roles and reward us with free food and close fellowship during celebrations and milestones.  


4. We are a social enterprise 

Gogopasar does not only exist to drive profits for its shareholders and investors, but to also help those in need. We created GOGOCARE, a CSR initiative for anyone who would like to ‘deliver’ a helping hand in times of need. Let us do all the leg-work while you fulfil your part in giving to society by simply clicking on the link provided in the Gogopasar website to donate. 

The Gogocare initiative has prepared various Relief packages that corporations, organisations and even individuals can send to anyone or any group of people they know who might be needing access to staple food supplies and water. Flood Relief, Immunity Packages and MCO Relief food and care baskets are some of the items available to add to our community’s food bank efforts. 

Under Gogocare , we offer a platform for the public to contribute together in the form of food basket packages to those in need. Every donation given will be channelled to recipients in collaboration with various agencies, ngos and participating bodies.  


5. We turn 2 years old this month!

This 15 June 2022, Gogopasar celebrates 2 years of operations. We thrived during the pandemic and are still going strong as we enter the endemic stage. In fact, only recently in April 2022 did we launch our second distribution center in the historical state of Malacca, being part of the initiative to drive digitalisation within school cooperatives. We attribute our expanding success to our faith, collective effort, the vision of our top management and also to our parent company FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Berhad and investors KOPENAS for believing in our potential and for helping make our dreams a reality.

In conjunction with our 2nd year anniversary, we are rewarding our loyal and new customers with our craziest sale yet, the Hari-Hari Jimat RM1 Corner sales from 10 June to 16 June, only 5 days, our shortest promo period ever, as we have been getting overwhelming response and predict all goods to sell out soon. 

Be sure to celebrate with us and get in on all these awesome  happenings and to take advantage of our appreciation for you as our customer!! Download the app and start shopping now before all these goodies run out.