Easy Semperit Pineapple Tarts 

What do you get when you combine two top Malaysian Raya cookie classics- the semperit and pineapple tart? You will get a super Raya cookie in the form of semperit pineapple tarts! With two of my favourite cookies all rolled up into one – you can’t find anything better than these.  


Pineapple Jam 

• 2 fresh pineapples 

• 1 and a half cup caster sugar 

• Cinnamon stick 



1. Cut the pineapples but leave out the core. Make sure you don’t have any of the black bits from the skin left on the pineapple. Carve them out. 

2. Grate the pineapples in a large bowl. 

3. Now, separate the juice by using a sieve. Set the juice aside for now as you will need it while making the jam. 

4. Place the grated pineapples along with the sugar and cinnamon stick in a saucepan and cook on a high heat. Stirring continuously. 

5. Once you see it bubbling, add some of the juice little by little and cook till it evaporates and the pineapples are all sticky. 

6. The pineapple jam should be left to cool completely so best to make it the day before you’re making the pineapple tarts. 

Semperit Pastry: 
• 250gms salted butter 
• 50gms icing sugar 
• 350 plain flour 
• 50gms corn flour 
• 2 egg yolks 


1. In a bowl, beat the butter and sugar, add the egg yolks and continue to whisk till thoroughly combined. 
2. Slowly add the 2 flours and mix till you get a dough texture. 

Now lets start putting things together!! 

1. Before we begin, and to make things a tad easier…roll the jam into oval shapes so they are ready to be rolled into the pastry. This is a sticky, messy process!!! 

2. Place the dough in a piping bag using a flat nozzle and pipe long strips on greaseproof paper. 
3. Place a jam roll and gently roll the pastry. You should get about 2 or 3 tarts in one long strip. 

4. Continue this process and place the tarts on a baking tray. Brush with egg wash and bake for 20 mins or until golden in a pre-heated oven at 150C. 

5. Once ready, leave to cool on a wire rack before storing them in an air tight container. 

Now, with this size, you can make about 100 mini Pineapple Tarts! So feel free to make them bigger as these are tiny bite sized!