Go Durian Crazy at Gogopasar 

The FEVER has started 

The King of Fruits has arrived and durian fever has officially kicked off, signaling the beginning of 2022’s much-anticipated  season for Malaysians after the pandemic has restricted us for two years! 

It's time to go crazy with revenge durian hunting! PHYSICALLY!

The country’s durian season unfolds in stages each year according to state, typically starting with Penang in May. 

Johor follows in June or July before it extends to Perak and Pahang in early July or in early August. 

Kelantan, Terengganu and Sabah follow by the end of July or in August, and the season ends in Sarawak at the end of August or in September. 

By now, many of us in the Klang Valley have already gotten our durian fix but we all know that in the early days of the season, prices are always more expensive. 

Prices Below Market Price

No worries, Gogopasar as usual is here to the rescue by always bringing you the best quality at the most affordable prices, straight from local and contract farmers! 

Curious about how much we are selling our durians? 

We invite you to our Gogopapsar KenDurian 2022 festival starting 16 June until 30 June 2022. 

Come and see our choice of high quality Musang King,DIOI and D13 species on sale at the Gogopasar Warehouse in Selayang from 12-10pm daily starting tomorrow. 

We assure you that with our lean supply chain process, we are able to maintain prices below the usual market price.  

If you are near Selayang, do drop by the Gogopasar Warehouse situated in Taman Perindustrian Selayang. We will be open daily from weekdays to weekends offering you our mouth-watering durians for you and your family to enjoy.