Talam Durian  Recipe

This delightful traditional Malay dessert is also known as Seri Muka Durian. Usually, talam or seri muka is made with pandan leaves. However, replacing pandan with durian is an extraordinary way to enjoy the buttery rich, sweet and smooth texture of durians especially after they are out of season and you have frozen durians on hand or even if you have extra fresh durians and are looking for a way to be creative with them by transforming them into dessert. 


Ingredients for Talam Durian: 

(bottom layer ingredients) 

500 g Glutinous Rice (soak 4 hours) 

230 g Concentrated Coconut Milk 

270 g Water 

1 tsp Salt 

(top layer ingredients) 

50 g Wheat Flour 

40 g Custard Flour 

250 g Sugar 

1/3 tsp Salt 

3 eggs 

350 g Coconut milk 

250 g Water 

1 Cup Durian Filling (blend with water and coconut milk) 

A little lemon yellow dye 



  1. Place plastic wrap on a 10" x 10" baking sheet, then add all the bottom layer ingredients and steam for 25 minutes 

  2. Combine all the top layer ingredients, stir until all is well blended and strain. Cook until steam rises and set aside. 

  3. After the glutinous rice is cooked, press it into a large baking tray until evenly flat and dense.  

  4. Then pour the top layer mixture over the glutinous rice and steam for 25 minutes. 

  5. After steaming, place in the fridge to cool down and harden before cutting into pieces to serve. 


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