The New Face of Gogopasar’s Next Phase

Gogopasar has recently upgraded our e-commerce website structure to be at par with industry standards.

Now, the speed at which pages load on the Gogopasar website is faster, smoother and more seamless for users to navigate easily.

Additionally, security has also been enhanced to serve customer’s payment process. Transactions during check out are more secure with zero loopholes for external parties to intercept, says Mohd Rizal bin Abdul Rahman, VP of Information Technology at Gogopasar.

Rizal, who is experienced and well-versed with the startup ecosystem says after 2 years of successful operations, Gogopasar’s website is now ready to serve even more customers with convenience and reliability after having migrated from their older system in April 2022. He says that Gogopasar would be his second startup and he looks forward to building and enhancing the current system to serve customers effectively.

He added that the new Gogopasar App would also reflect similar improvements like the website such as smoother loading, faster response and seamless performance in terms of browsing capacity and checkout processes.

However, Rizal adds that on-going improvement is still needed in terms of UX and UI (user experience and user interface). Several top-notch vendors in this area are being engaged currently to proceed with the next phases of user interface improvements and should be complete by end of July till early August.

Rizal says that UX and UI are areas that require continuous improvement and analyses over the long term. Gogopasar is currently enhancing this particular area in stages while collecting valuable data on customer website satisfaction needs and behaviour to help our customers enjoy their shopping experience with more convenience and less issues.

Looking forward, Rizal says there are plans in the pipeline to collaborate with MAIWP (Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan) and Boost, local  e-commerce payment gateway service. This project will see Gogopasar as the online platform for which the B40 community can purchase groceries easily and very affordably with the help of MAIWP and Boost.

To experience Gogopasar’s new website for yourself, download the App on Google Playstore or Apple App Store or simply shop online at www.gogopasar.com. Take advantage of our current Hari Raya Pay Day Sale today until 7 May 2022.