Top 5 Cookies For Raya

The first week of Raya Holidays have come and gone, and we have sampled a variety of interesting Raya cookies making their rounds in the Klang Valley. The Gogopasar team ran a survey and found that out of the most popular cookies, 5 have got top spots in Malaysians’ hearts.

Check out this list for what Malaysians are loving in their cookies this year. What’s more, they are easy to make at home too! Make sure to check out the recipes and see how easy and fun they are to make and enjoy.

1. Viral Raya Trend -Cookie Pods !


Nutella Cookie Pods are all the rage now in the Klang Valley, and they cost a bomb too! Why not make it at home since it’s really quite easy to whip up with only a few ingredients you probably already have in your larder, such as Nutella, butter, flour, sugar and salt. You can also replace Nutella with Biscoff Spread, to make Biscoff Pods or use any other nut spreads you prefer such as peanut butter. Find the recipe here.

2. Vegan Oat Cookies with Dates and Cashews

These delicious oatmeal date cookies make so much sense as a healthier and varying alternative to raisin oat cookies.They are easy to whip up and have the perfect texture — crispy edges with a soft and chewy center! Plus, in this recipe,  they are vegan and gluten-free. Adding dates to oatmeal cookies is a genius idea! The dates get soft and caramely after baking and every bite that contains a date is literally the best.

3. Triple Dark Chocolate Sable Cookies

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, chocolate sable cookies are the ultimate chocolate cookie! (And they’re perfect for keeping dough on hand to have your chocolate craving satisfied in 15 minutes flat!)

What are sable cookies? Sable cookies are basically France’s version of a shortbread cookie, also called a butter cookie. These easy-to-make cookies are of the slice-and-bake variety. They are as popular in France as chocolate chip cookies are in North America. The term sable means sand in French, which refers to the sandy texture of these tender and crumbly cookies. With a triple dark chocolate flavoring, these are a taste of heaven with a shot of espresso. Get the recipe here.

4. Salted Egg Honey Cornflake Cups

Be adventurous this year and try this unique and spicy variation of the Honey Cornflake Cups that we all love so much! This salted egg version is a crunchy and addictive treat which was originally created as a savoury CNY snack, and not packed into paper cups. However, this sweet Raya version takes it to the next level! Nibble into this rispy, chewy, sweet, salty and umami mouthful and you will be back for more! Easy recipe here.

5. Easy Semperit Pineapple Tarts

What do you get when you combine two top Malaysian Raya cookie classics- the semperit and pineapple tart? You will get a super Raya cookie in the form of semperit pineapple tarts! With two of my favourite cookies all rolled up into one – you can’t find anything better than these. Make them and impress your friends with this recipe.

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